I am able to organise workshops in Europe and the UK, for a variety of audiences (general public, local authority staff, companies, media professionals etc). Topics have included, for example:

  • Improving local biodiversity in 10 actions
  • Understanding and managing urban flora (More Than Weeds)
  • Brownfield land and its ecological challenges – how to create spaces for all
  • Developing and managing plant collections with a purpose
  • Making herbarium specimens – for science or as natural ornaments
  • Botanical printing using plant-based inks and natural materials
  • Taxonomy – the naming of the natural world and its implications

I am also a facilitator for the Climate Fresk and the Biodiversity Collage, two fun, collaborative, card-based workshops that are open to everyone and are designed to help people understand climate change and biodiversity loss, as well as reflect on possible actions. Both can be delivered online or on site.

My workshops can be delivered in English or French.
If you are interested in a workshop please feel free to contact me.

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